Continued Growth Anticipated in Energy Efficient Features

Nearly one third of home builders (31%) report that they are currently doing more than 60% of their projects with energy efficient features, and over half (51%) expect to be doing that level of green work by 2020 from Green Building, ENERGY STAR and Net Zero.

These findings demonstrate that home builders still see energy efficiency as an important trend in their industry, and one to which they need to commit.

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The percentage of remodelers who report doing more than 60% of their projects green currently or who expect to be doing that level of green work in the future is less than the percentage of home builders. However, the growth of those doing this significant level of energy efficient upgrade work among remodelers is very steep, with the percentage who expect to be that highly involved by 2020 being two and a half times greater than the percentage currently doing energy efficient upgrades at that level.

Both of these findings suggest that firms that work in the residential sector, from builders, remodelers, building product manufacturers and service providers, need to continue to promote their energy efficient, Green Building, or ENERGY STAR capabilities and innovate to develop better ways to serve this growing market.

Multiple Factors Encourage New Energy Efficient Construction from Green Building to ENERGY STAR

The five top triggers that will encourage more green building activity.

  1. Customer demand,
  2. Energy cost increases,
  3. Green product availability,
  4. Green product affordability,
  5. Recognition by appraisers of greater value in green homes and code, ordinance, and regulation changes.

With no single factor driving energy efficient home construction, the industry should continue to provide incentives, such as affordable green products, higher green home appraisals, and support from utility companies to continue to encourage growth in the residential sector for those builders achieving high energy efficiencies in the homes they build.

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