The light switch has been around for 100 years.

To those who might insist that the light switch does not need improving, the same could have been said about smart thermostats. Now the ability to program heating and air conditioning from a smartphone, that in turn learns from a homeowner’s habits, has established a benchmark and quickly become mainstream.

Why should I bother with smart light switches?

  • Save electrical energy by turning off lights in unoccupied rooms making, it easy for you to save energy.
  • Save your energy by turning lights on when you walk in.
  • Automate a routine to make your house look ccupied nights you’re away.
  • Turn the exterior lights on when you’re almost home at night or have them come on at a set time each night.
    • You can program your lights to on automatically everytime you open the door to go outside at night.
    • Similarly, the porch light can be programed to come on as soon as someone approzches your door.

Smart switches are a combination of convenience and security. There are many options available to use with your smart home hub or, if you are not to that level yet, you can go with Wi-Fi. Nearly everyone has a wireless router in their home, so all you need is a phone with an app to control things with.

When looking at installing smart switches you many want to look for an electrician to help you install them properly and to insure your system is working as intended.

Smart switches make life convenient and secure. This new smart home trend is here to stay; why not join in?

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