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The future in home construction has become a reality at Revive in Fort Collins, where the ideals and practical applications of significant energy efficiency have been incorporated. Innovative features have turned condos and townhouses into planned communities that offer wise choices toward sustainability.

Revive is extolled as the greenest community in Colorado, a fairly sizable claim to live up to. Yet they do so admirably with a proven track record of outstanding energy ratings. Not only do water and electric bills stay exceedingly low, these homes are often able to return electricity to the city grid.

As a way for homeownerʼs to step across the threshold into what only a few decades ago was mere fantasy, these special visionary abodes are comfortable as well as health-wise. The residences allow for a tangible way to give back to the environment rather than simply deplete limited natural resources.

Built by PhilGreen Construction, Inc., whose mission is to create a quality custom building experience within the clientʼs budget, all homes at Revive are Energy Star certified. Just minutes from Old Town Fort Collins, there is the convenience of city services and shopping with the added caveat of a cosmopolitan feel. Developed as a neighborhood with outdoor entertainment spaces, orchards, parks and community gardens, a certain rural ambience is exuded as well. Revive lets residents rest easier knowing they are aiding in global wellness while choosing to live the good life.

Want Proof?

The proof lies within measurable energy analysis.

“We ARE actually the greenest community in Colorado,” says Sue McFaddin, development consultant and broker for Revive. “We know this to be true because we measure the numbers by HERS (Home Energy Rating Score) and are coming in with a negative rating. No one else in Colorado is doing that. Itʼs pretty significant.”

In this instance, in one of those situations that seems contradictory, negative is really a positive. This is explained by the NetZero program, a sought after goal for many buildings throughout the world. Relying on superior energy conservation and on-site renewable generation to meet heating, cooling and electrical needs, all such buildings must meet specific standards set by the International Living Future Institute. Less is more, as in less energy usage relates to more money in the consumerʼs pocket, more non-renewable natural resources left in the ground and more progress toward a happier planet.

“NetZero and Energy Star programs fit together very well,” adds McFaddin, who has been involved with green building for over a decade. “Energy Star is the leader and started the ball rolling to set the standard, but there is a lot more you can do. Energy Star homes have a HERS rating of 75%, but our homes bring it down to 40% without solar, and lower than that with solar.”

Solar Panels - Revive Fort Collins
Compared to a typical traditional home, these homes are so energy efficient a small solar electric system can offset most, or all, annual energy consumption.

Better facets redefine quality lifestyle choices

But at Revive, energy efficiency is only one part of a greater whole.

“There are three things that contribute to a NetZero home,” adds McFaddin. “In addition to Energy Star features, Indoor Air Plus provides exceptional ventilation and WaterSense increases water conservation.”

NetZero is similar to the Department of Energyʼs ZERO Energy Ready Homes, which, according to their website, claims such amenities as:

A healthful environment
Comprehensive packages are used to minimize dangerous pollutants, provide continuous fresh air and effectively filter the air within the home.
Comfort Plus
This combination of features includes superior insulation, windows, air sealing and space conditioning systems, which translates to even temperatures, low-humidity as well as quiet ensured in every room on every floor.
Advanced technology
Begins with solid building science specified by Energy Star, then adds beyond that with advanced technologies and practices from DOEʼs research program, Building America.
Ultra efficient
Compared to a typical traditional home, these homes are so energy efficient a small solar electric system can offset most, or all, annual energy consumption.
Quality built
Advanced construction practices and technologies are specified for every home. These criteria are then enforced by independent verifiers with detailed checklists and prescribed diagnostics.
All of the above components put together serve to apply value made to stand the test of time as well as meet, and exceed, forthcoming code requirements.

What to expect in a Revive home

Revive homes are considered high performance and so effective that the renewable systems they incorporate can offset energy consumption.

“During the daytime we can produce more than we use and the excess goes back onto the grid,” says McFaddin of the utilities tied in with the City of Fort Collins.

Yet, going above and beyond the utilization of solar technology, the superlative merits are evident in a variety of other aspects as well.

“Thereʼs really good insulation, windows, air sealing, good quality HVAC water heaters and furnaces, all appliances are Energy Star and L.E.D. lighting is used throughout,” says McFaddin. “But the solar and geothermal is what puts us over the top.”

Within the walls of Northern Coloradoʼs answer to the future wave of ecologically sound homes are a plethora of incomparable benchmarks. These include:

  • Geothermal cooling and hot water
  • Solar voltaic standard
  • WaterSense brush-chrome faucets
  • Indoor Air Plus ventilation
  • Comfort Plus
  • Trowel walls
  • Five-panel doors
  • Open floor plan

“By government standards, 100% is what a normal family would use. Energy Star homes bring it down to 75%. Some of our homes come in at a - 9% or even a -16%, which means the house produces rather than uses 16% more energy that a normal family would use. In essence, these homes are utilizing steps to heal the grid,” explains McFaddin. “This is the next generation of building. You can have a healthy environment and produce your own energy. PhilGreen really cares about green building as well as the local economy. At Revive we also use all local contractors, designers and students from CSU. And whereas we continue to learn and grow as we go along, it is certainly a dream come true.”

For more information about The Greenest Community in Colorado, please visit www.revivefc.com

Author - Lynette Chilcoat

Loveland-based Lynette Chilcoat, a Colorado native, has been a freelance writer for nearly 20 years.

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