HERS Rater

HERS Raters are building science consultants who calculate, measure, and verify energy performance in new construction. HERS Raters are independent 3rd-Party RESNET certified energy inspectors.

There are 3 main parts to a HERS Rating:

  • Computer modeling that projects the performance of a home prior to construction. The projection incorporates all energy related house plan features including insulation, windows, HVAC equipment, air leakage, and floor area.
  • During construction, the HERS Rater does a complete inspection of air barriers and verifies that the insulation is installed properly. This is done by measuring and calculating the R-value (measure of thermal resistance).
  • The final Inspection is done when a house is complete. This includes a “Blower Door Test” which measures air leakage and energy loss. The combined performance information is calculated and the HERS Index Score, and Energy Rating Certificate is awarded.

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