Zero Energy Ready Home

The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home is a new program that builds on the requirements of ENERGY STAR for Homes Version 3.

The program improves on making homes zero energy ready which increases the energy efficiency and makes it more cost effective to add renewable energy sources.

DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes are at least 40% to 50% more efficient than a typical new home. Net Zero Ready homes generally have a HERS Index Score in the 50’s or lower depending on the size and region in which it is built.

Zero Energy Ready Home Requirements

Comply with ENERGY STAR for Homes and the Inspection Checklists:

  • Thermal Enclosure
  • HVAC Quality Installation with a QACredentialed HVAC Contractor
  • Water Management
  • Feature energy efficient appliances & fixtures that are ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Use high-performance windows that meet the new window specifications
  • Meet or exceed the 2012 International Energy Conversation Code levels for insulation
  • Conserve water and energy through an efficient hot water distribution system that provides rapid hot water
  • Indoor air quality through full certification in EPA’s Indoor airPlus program
  • The house must be solar panel ready or have a Photo-voltaic (PV) system installed at the time of construction

What To Expect From Your Zero Energy Ready Home

While there may be additional upfront costs for a new home to be Net Zero Ready, these costs are recouped through lower energy bills. On average, families spend two to three thousand dollars per year on energy for their home.

With a Zero Energy Ready Home a small renewable energy system can offset most, or all, of the homes annual energy consumption and can even produce more energy than the home uses.

The homes are certified by the DOE U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings initiative.

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